Why Every Commissioning Service Provider Should Use Always HTTPS

Over the weekend, a few more commissioning service providers signed up for my random email.

If I see different email addresses than @gmail or @hotmail, then I visit the website of these companies.

So on Saturday, I saw a domain name from an Australian consultancy. I opened the link and ... got presented with the warning message from my browser:

"Not secure!"

If you have a company website (I hope you have!?) then you should always make sure to use an SSL certificate.


1) Website using HTTPS are more trustworthy for users.

2) HTTPS is more secure, for both users and website owners.

3) HTTPS authenticates websites.

To dive deeper into the advantages of using HTTPS, you can read here a detailed article by company Cloudflare.

So how do you get an SSL certificate for your company website, and how do you make it work?

An easy and very reliable way I am using for all of my websites is the Free Plan with CloudFlare.

Yes, the certificate will be free, and the service to implement it into your website is free of charge as well.

You have to do the following things:

1) Register for a CloudFlare account (free)

2) Add your domain name

3) Add your DNS records

4) Add a few page rules so your website is reachable through http:// and https:// and http://www and https://www.

5) Switch on SSL

6) Change your existing DNS to the CloudFlare DNS

7) Wait a few minutes or in the worst case 48 hours until the changes are deployed

8) Enjoy your website secured with SSL


Just hit reply and ask me.

Have a great week!


Thomas Stuenkel

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