Yes, I am back with great news

Yes, I am back! :-)

Why this long break?

After a vacation with my family, I immediately started to work on my new project. And this new project does me getting so excited ... that I postponed my random email for a few days.

What is this new project all about?

It's an online project. It has to do with my email sent to you on June 14th, 2019.

The subject of the email was "Imagine You Are The Plant Manager, And You Need Commissioning Service Providers Report".

Do you remember?

So, this new website will be a database of commissioning service providers from around the world. And you - as a commissioning service provider - can get listed there as well.

For the visitor, it will be straightforward to find the right commissioning service provider for his needs.

Let's imagine he is an EPC contractor and has a petrochemical project in the Middle East. He needs a commissioning service provider for steam blowing activities for the steam turbine piping.

On the homepage, he just chooses under the category INDUSTRY "Petrochemical" and under the category SERVICES PROVIDED "Steam Blowing".

Immediately he will get the results listed.

These results he can refine further - for example, he can choose under the category AREAS OF OPERATION "Middle East".

Now it's easy to compare the different commissioning service providers. He can even directly send them a message through the website.

Do you like this idea?

Do you want to get listed as a commissioning service provider?

Then stay tuned for about 7 to 10 days until I launch the online directory of commissioning service providers from around the world.


Thomas Stuenkel

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